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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions from Jinota | Cornwall | Plymouth | London

In a ‘traditional’ set-up, your IT system is based on server hardware installed in your premises. In cloud computing, your servers, applications and data are housed and maintained elsewhere – in a secure data centre.

Jinota has a range of Cloud Solutions to suit your needs, a typical Jinota Cloud solution will be a mix of Jinota Hosted Cloud Desktop, Exchange, Office 365. Using our cloud solutions we can improve and fulfill your software needs, data storage and even telecommunications.

The benefits if Jinota cloud solutions

  • No need to buy your own server hardware or upgrade it
  • No need to arrange server maintenance – and no downtime disrupting your business
  • Access to your applications and data from any location and device – so you are no longer tied to the office or forced to carry large files to meetings
  • Increased data security (see section below)
  • Extended life for existing computers – with memory capacity no longer a problem
  • Lower energy bills and carbon footprint
  • All I.T costs conveniently spread – with no large upfront investment
  • Inexpensive access to the latest products, upgrades and extra functionality through ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS)
  • Simple scaling up of solutions by adding access for extra users as you grow
  • Works with Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud software.
  • Greater flexibility of solutions – allowing rapid reaction to changes and new opportunities
  • Provide easy access to software such as Sage Accounts and Quickbooks

Request a FREE audit and find out how our cloud hosting solutions can work for you.

Data security

Jinota’s is based in Cornwall, with a datacentre in Plymouth which offers enterprise-level security, including protection against theft, fire, power loss, system failure and all other risks. Data is backed up regularly, at the centre and across our other UK sites. Security of access can be controlled more easily using cloud computing, as everything links centrally to the same hub.

Cloud Computing might not be the best fit your business, which is why Jinota also offers the traditional server installation and support.

When Jinota makes a recommendation for a solution you know they aren’t trying to fit you into a box, rather design the box around you.

Jinota support clients from our Cornwall, Plymouth and London offices, but with the Cloud Computing model we now support clients internationally!

Call or contact us today to request your no obligation to see how Cloud computing fits with your business.


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