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Jinota Hosted Sage

Jinota Hosted Sage Cloud

Hosted Sage Accounts and Payroll by Jinota

Jinota is a Sage 50 Accredited Partner in the UK

Jinota started our Cloud Solutions as a way for a company to share their Sage 50 Accounts (Line 50) software between two offices. Since then we have done this for hundreds of Sage Users.

As a Sage Accredited Partner we have access to the latest technical support and we are also able to supply new and upgrade licenses for Sage Accounts and Payroll applications.

Why Host Sage?

  • Only reliable way for sharing the application between various locations.
  • Ensure the critical business data Sage contains is backed up, protected and secure.
  • Expert technical advice from Jinota’s Sage Accredited and experienced technicians.
  • Start with Sage and then start adding more to your Cloud Desktop
  • Grows with you!

What is Hosted Sage?

Hosted or Cloud Sage by Jinota is provided by using a technology called virtualisation.

Simply put this allows us to run multiple virtual servers on our physical network. Each virtual server is assigned to a company and this provides them a Windows Server 2012 base for installing Sage Accounts.

Each user can then access it in three ways, either Remote Desktop, Remote Application or Web Access. Remote Desktop (see our remote desktop hosting demo) is most flexible and can be used on most devices including PCs, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and most other smart devices.

So this means that no matter where you and your staff are located, you can all access Sage at the same time and work on the live data!

You may hear it called Sage Cloud, Remote Sage or Hosted Sage normally it relies on similar underlying technology.


Is there any limitations?

None, apart from you will require an active internet connection of 2mbps or above. Once connected the software will function fully in the way it would on your desktop PC!

You can integrate it with Microsoft Outlook and Excel if required for just the additional cost of the monthly MS Office license. You can also integrate with Sage Payroll, ACT! CRM or any other 3rd Party application.

Should you wish to expand your use of the Cloud Desktop you can by adding your own 3rd party applications, you can restrict how can access what, where and when too.

Sage Hosting is very low cost and includes all required Microsoft licenses under our SPLA license. All support is inclusive and the only extras will be if you opt for additional services such as Microsoft Exchange (Emails) etc.

We can either use your own existing Sage license or supply this as well.

So if you are looking to host Sage or other applications please contact us or call on 0845 900 3869

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