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Frequently Asked Questions

To save you time, here are the brief answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in regards to the Jinota Cloud such as is it secure, will I be backed up, what software can I use and much more. If you need to know more, or if your question isn’t here, please contact us and we will be very happy to advise.

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We have a time plan to ensure the latest security patches are installed. Firewall security devices are kept up to date and we also work with our clients on policies to protect their passwords from attack. We always recommend strong password policies and lock-outs of accounts after only three wrong password attempts.


The systems we use are far more secure than most systems used in the small to medium sized businesses we host. We can also offer token-based or smartcard logons for very security-minded customers, but this will involve upfront and increased monthly costs in most cases. We would be happy to discuss this in more depth with you.

The Cloud Solution runs on Microsoft Hyper-V using a technology called Virtualisation. This allows each physical “server box” to run many individual instances of ‘servers’ and often for multiple companies. Each of these is called a “Virtual Machine or VM”. By backing up the VMs we capture all of your data and configuration. The good news about a VM is it can easily be moved between physical hardware often without any interruption to service.

We use a wonderful application called Veeam which allows us to quickly backup these virtual machines to our secondary location and keep snapshots over a period of time to which we can roll back or recover. With any backup solution it’s during a disaster that you really appreciate it, and we can recover a VM from the backup in just minutes. We also have options to send these backups to other locations such as an alternative third-party datacentre if needed to fit with your compliance or regulators.

Programmes such as QuickBooks, ACT, Invu, TAS, TABS, Sage, ACT!, MS Office, IRIS, GoldMine, Sage Payroll and Access Databases have all been used by our clients.
The programme must support Windows Vista / Windows 7, and some applications will require a special licence (from the vendor) to support multi-user access. You can also store all your documents, photographs, databases etc.

We can also set audit logs of who is accessing what and when! This is either done at an individual level (by their logon name) or by setting up groups, such as ‘Accounts Department’, and making the relevant users members of the relevant groups, to restrict access to the accounts software and documents. Likewise, you can share all files and folders with those people with whom you wish to work.

The faster your connection, the quicker you will find it is to move files between local and remote locations and to print larger documents. With a slower connection you will still find that some applications, such as typing, are fine. With a very slow connection you may notice a slight lag.
We have successfully served clients with ten or more people on lines of 2 mbps who are based in very remote locations and who use 3G as a fallback in the event of line problems. You can also look at having more than one ADSL line to share and increase your internet speed. We can advise you on this.
Some ISPs, such as, give you the option of higher ‘enhanced’ upstream (upload speed), which even on slow lines can increase ADSL upload from 400 kbps to 800 kbps and on ADSL2 from 512 kbps to 2048kbps.
Newer lines such as fibre to cabinet (BT Infinity etc.) give a much higher upload/download speed and are perfect for hosting!

Generally people use a PC/laptop with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 which has ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ built into the operating system. However, you can get a free download for MAC computers to allow you to log on as well.


You can also get applications for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android-based mobiles and tablet PCs, Windows-based mobiles and tablets, Linux and Unix. These and many more devices can support the remote desktop protocol with either a free or paid-for download add-on.

Generally, if you use a Windows 7 64-BIT-based PC with a printer which supports 7 64-BIT drivers, then in 99.9% of cases you have will no issue. We have found that some USB printers are not compatible as they are host based, often a simple third party app called ThinPrint which is supplied and installed on each PC. There is a one-off charge of between £99 (1-3 users) and £200 (unlimited), ThinPrint can also speed you printing over slow connections.

However as most companies will use network connected printers it is rare for this to be required and has never been a major problem, this is something we discuss and look at during the audit. You are welcome to test our demo server with your printer.

There is an older version for the non-Intel-based MACs. These are unsupported, and unlikely to allow printing/file access, but they should give basic level access. For all modern Intel-based MACs the Remote Desktop Client above will allow you to print and share files between the MAC and Windows remote desktop environment, and we can support you in setting this up! If you opt for Exchange-based mail you can access this direct from your MAC using Microsoft Office for MAC or Entourage. Download here

If you opt for Microsoft Office on your remote desktop you will have Microsoft Outlook as part of the package. You can use this to access either your own Exchange server or Exchange (provided by us if you’ve opted for that), or you can use POP3 or IMAP mailboxes. You can of course also access Gmail, Hotmail etc. through the web browser included within the remote desktop!

If you opt for Microsoft Office on your remote desktop you will have Microsoft Outlook as part of the package. You can use this to access either your own Exchange server or Exchange (provided by us if you’ve opted for that), or you can use POP3 or IMAP mailboxes. You can of course also access Gmail, Hotmail etc. through the web browser included within the remote desktop!

If your application isn’t one we’ve tested before or you wish to ensure it will work we have a demo server on which we can install and allow testing. However it is your responsibility with any Third-Party application that your license will support running on a Terminal Server environment, some third party vendors will charge more for this. We are happy to discuss this with the vendors given your consent.

We don’t keep the demo test server online 24/7 but will make it available if you request it.

It’s useful to have an administrator account for updating and installing third party applications, we are happy for you to decide who has this right, but will give advice on maintaining stability and security of the system. There is no access to the physical side of the network, if that is required we will need to discuss providing a dedicated server.

This means you can have your emails/calendars/contacts/tasks pushed to a mobile device which supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. These include iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles/tablets and Windows mobiles. Some other manufacturers’ devices also support Exchange ActiveSync, including a number of BlackBerry products, we would be surprised if any smart phone doesn’t support this protocol.

Please call to discuss this.

We would recommend multiple VMs if you had 30+ users, to split the load and ensure performance, but we can handle large numbers of users and don’t have a maximum.

However, we have arranged very short contracts and very long ones to suit our customers’ needs, so please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

We have had people online in the same afternoon they have called up. This can be done if you can work quickly with us, and especially in emergencies. Exchange or larger systems can take a little longer: around 48 to 72 hours normally.

If your monthly cost is £78+ VAT, in the first month you will be charged a set-up fee of £78+VAT and your first monthly fee of £78+ VAT. We can sometimes waive set-up costs on larger systems, or if you can handle most of the transfer of data etc. yourself. Please call to discuss this with us.

Please call to discuss this.

However, many of our clients have accounts for part-time staff which aren’t named after the person. They may, for example, have usernames such as ‘office1’ or ‘accounts1’ which are shared by multiple employees. This does present a minor security risk, as people have to share a password, but for most smaller businesses it helps keep costs down for part-time staff.

We are very generous in terms of space, so if you think you are going to need a lot please discuss it with us.

The server gets unlimited support by our technicians to ensure it is operating correctly. That includes any Microsoft software we are providing, including Office, Exchange and any Antivirus.

We give an hour’s additional support per username for ‘other issues’ such as moving data, training, setting up third-party applications and supporting printers.
You get unlimited support during the first month of go-live for printers, data transfer, application set-up and anything else discussed and agreed.
If you are within 60 miles of the TR15 postcode we can also offer on-site support to manage your PCs, network etc. in-house. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

The Datacentre at Plymouth Science Park also hosts major NHS Server systems and University of Plymouth networks. Therefore its very secure with on-site 24/7 security, CCTV, electronic and physical locks. Only our senior staff have access to the out of hours swipe cards and physical keys.

We have an additional policy designed for hosting data, to protect our physical assets and also the costs involved in recovering and compensating customers in the event of loss of data. We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

Our (ICO) Data Protection Registration Number is Z1555740. We will work with your company’s data controller to ensure full compliance with the Data Protection Act.

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