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Jinota’s VOIP integrated telephony solutions include both traditional on-site systems and our versatile CloudCall range of hosted communications systems, brought to you in partnership with Synety.

There are three levels of CloudCall:


CloudCall Click

CloudCall Click works with any phone system and allows you to perform outbound click-to-dial functions. These are integrated into your Outlook or CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, ACT! and Salesforce, and they have been shown to improve sales and service performance by 27%.

CloudCall Click is ideal if you are happy with your existing PBX system or have low speed broadband. The system has call recording for all outgoing calls made via the Click system.

The cost is just £10 per user (per month), plus a small (£20) set-up fee.

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CloudCall Enterprise

Replacing your existing phone system, this fully cloud hosted package gives you all the benefits of the Click solution but works as a stand-alone PBX. You can either use physical phones, such as those in the excellent Polycom range, or softphones which run on your PC or smartphone.

Its enhanced call recording captures all calls inbound and outbound. Voicemail, call queuing, auto-attendant/IVR and hunt group facilities all come as standard.

CloudCall Enterprise
is ideal if you have good broadband speed and want to replace your ISDN and PBX system.

Billing is ‘per seat’, on a monthly basis, with very low call rates. Prices start at £15 per user (per month), with a set-up fee of just £30.

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CloudCall Contact Centre

CloudCall Contact Centre offers all the advantages of the Click and Enterprise packages but also features incoming call recognition against your CRM.

So, for example, if you call Jinota, our Dynamics CRM will recognise your number and display a page, ready to take details of the call against your record.

If the call is from an unrecognised number, we can quickly add your details to create a new contact in Dynamics. The call recording is PCI compliant, as you are able to ‘pause’ it while taking down sensitive information such as credit card details. Conference rooms allow up to ten users on each line!

Contact Centre prices start at £30 per user (per month), with a £60 set-up fee.

Book your free CRM and telephony review, or call 0845 900 3869 or email info@jinota.co.uk.


We can supplement these with extras such as our International DDIs and Enhanced Support options.


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