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Fibre Superfast Broadband

Jinota | Superfast Broadband | Fibre

Is your business stuck in the slow lane?

Jinota London Ltd can help access a wide range of internet access technologies such as Fibre Optic broadband, Fibre on Demand and many other products.

Superfast Cornwall

Cornwall has benefited from the Superfast Cornwall Project which has helped roll out new fibre based technology across Cornwall which is now almost available at 95% of Cornish premises.

Jinota doesn’t only work in Cornwall, our offices in Plymouth and London are ready to help with your connectivity needs!

Jinota works with a network of partners such as BT, PlusNet and Virgin to offer the best connectivity in your location.

  • Fibre to Premises (FTTP) – Up to 330mbs download 30 mbps upload
  • Fibre on Demand – up to 330mbs download 30 mbps upload
  • Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC) – Typical speeds up to 78mbps / 20mbps up
  • Leased Lines – Speeds up to 1Gbps symmetrical 1:!
  • Bonded ADSL – Multiple ADSL lines speeds between 16-32mbps download 2-5mbps up
  • Satellite – Speeds up to 20mbps Too-Way (satellite does suffer from high latency which may make it less suitable for VoIP etc)
  • 3G – Speeds up to 15mbps download 1-5 mbps upload.
  • 4G – Speeds up to 35 mbps download – 6-10mbps upload.

Some of our clients that have struggled for years with slow internet are now benefiting from up to 330mbps by having Fibre on Demand installed, others such as Carpenter Oak in Totnes have recently had a 4G System installed replacing their fixed ADSL lines and giving over 10x the speed.

Contact us today for a free site survey or quotations on the internet connectivity we can organise and supply.

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