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Testimonials and Case Studies

You wouldn’t choose an accountant, a solicitor or a financial adviser without first seeking recommendations. An IT support company may have even greater access to your data than you and your staff, so it makes sense to ask questions.

Within the range of testimonials and case studies on current customer presented here you should find examples from businesses with needs very similar to your own – and evidence to prove that our IT services are as good as we say they are!

We can of course put you in contact with some of these so you can verify the authenticity and ask questions about Jinota.

Jinota would also be more than willing to arrange data centre tours, face-to-face meetings and present all our qualifications for your due diligence process.

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We initially provided IT support to this business as SW Computers (one of our founding companies which merged to form Jinota) and we received the following endorsement.

“Working with SW Computers Ltd was just as good as having an in-house technician. The speed of response, the personal in-depth knowledge of our systems and the monitoring provided meant they were often aware of problems before we were! Highly recommended to any small business owner!”

Ongoing support is key to any successful IT project. In this case the cost of running a well-maintained and secure in-house system was almost equivalent to that of the entire Jinota cloud solution, which came inclusive of all support and future upgrades.

The system needed to be flexible and to work initially as a hybrid cloud solution with the firm’s existing systems. Jinota installed a dedicated cloud remote desktop server and exchange solution to handle the specialist conveyancing software, Easyconvey, and all standard applications such as Microsoft Office, emails, Sage and payroll software.

As the firm grows throughout 2014, additional users can be quickly and securely added to the system. Meanwhile, Chartahouse can rest assured that Jinota is holding its data safely in both of our data centres.

We have worked closely with Directors Allan Holmes and Kim Always since 2002, advising on their use of Sage 50 accounts, payroll and banking systems, and giving general IT advice, as well as being on hand to respond quickly to any faults or emergencies.

The Penventon Hotel had several troublesome ageing servers and was looking at alternatives to replacing the hardware. The group was also looking at a solution which would allow the other hotels to connect into the system, with the eventual aim of creating a uniform IT structure.

The hotel had a need to centralise key services like payroll, accounts and hotel management systems. One of the unique challenges was to allow the time and attendance ‘clocking-in’ machines on the hotel premises to connect to the chosen software, Rota Horizon, held on our cloud platform. This would allow payroll and management to receive data from all three hotels at once.

At the time, the hotels had about six physical servers. The aim was to reduce these to two and then eventually to zero. The solution needed to be easily expandable and to work with multiple vendors’ own applications, while ensuring security and data protection.

Key advantages gained:

  • No need for capital expenditure on new hardware and software
  • Same version of Microsoft Office for all users
  • Ability of staff to work remotely using any device
  • Reduction in IT support costs
  • Improved business processes
  • Avoidance of IT headaches such as back-ups and security
  • Time savings and reduced staffing costs
  • Freedom from the need to travel between sites to perform tasks
  • Risk management and data protection

Director Aaron Pascoe said: “Jinota has provided around 30 ‘cloud desktops’ for our hotels and set up all our software on its remote servers. The high level of service has made the transfer process seamless, improved reliability and taken the worry off our shoulders.”

At the same time, they have the confidence of knowing that Jinota is taking care of their needs and will be providing extended end user support when they need it. Using Microsoft Exchange also ensures that important email isn’t missed and that data is securely backed up in Jinota’s own dedicated data centres.

The hotel’s Andrew and Sue Biss have been customers of ours, initially as SW Computers (one of our founding companies which merged to form Jinota), ever since we installed their Microsoft Small Business Server. Our first task involved solving some long-term network problems. It was in fact Rojer Issacson of Data-Frame who introduced us to Andrew and Sue in the summer of 2007. Andrew Biss told our Managing Director personally, when he gave us the go-ahead on our server recommendations:

“We would normally get several quotes, but after our experiences with other so called IT specialists in the past, now we wouldn’t use anyone else. Take that as a big compliment.”

In 2013 the server was replaced with a hosted Jinota cloud solution, as an alternative to replacing the hardware. This provides the owners with the ability to work away from the hotel on all key applications, including Hotel Perfect and Quickbooks.

Email was handled by POP3, which made it impossible to share calendars or have central mailboxes. Jinota designed a system which used a cloud remote desktop (terminal) server, together with two back-end servers, to create a centralised system. Jinota also helped, remotely, to decommission all old servers, update all client computers and roll out antivirus across all users.

End user support is now fully handled by the Jinota help desk, with which a positive and friendly working relationship has been built. Users now benefit from the latest Microsoft software and are able to access all their data from every office or from home. Microsoft Exchange has given the ability to centralise email, gain access from iPhones and maintain calendars for users.

By providing back-ups on the cloud site, Jinota has assured peace of mind for Robsons – knowing that we are taking care of all data security and protection.

Simon Blitz, a Partner at Robsons, said: “I thought no one but our existing IT provider could possibly get to grips with our complex system. How wrong I was! Jinota immediately understood what was needed and has painlessly introduced new solutions that work so much better for us – and saved us money too!

SEF is vegetable-growing and pre-packing business which supplies many of the major supermarkets, such as Tesco. Efficient IT systems are essential in electronic communication of crop yield information to couriers and supermarkets, and in electronically billing for shipped products.

Being in a remote location, the use of cloud computing is limited by connectivity options and by the types of hand-held systems used in the packing facility. Therefore Jinota continues to maintain an on-premises server system for SEF, using virtualisation to allow for quick migration between servers and for disaster recovery planning. Mixed with a cloud continuity service for the company’s vital emails, this ensures that SEF stays up and running 24/7.

Moving forward, Jinota is continuing to work closely with the company to provide advice and support. In response to the storms of 2014, which resulted in long power outages and internet downtime, we are now working with SEF to install a reduced ‘core’ system which will operate from local generators and 3G connectivity. This will ensure that the business never fully stops, whatever nature throws its way.

Operations Manager Tim Wigram said: “Working with Jinota and Stephen Parkinson for the last six years has been a positive experience and they always help us come up with a solution within budget.”

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